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AKB「心のプラカード」初日87万枚 楽曲の評判イマイチもミリオン安泰か


And so Watanabe’s tenure kicks off to a very rocky start, coming under fire early for a significant contraction in single sales - the lowest Day One count we’ve seen since “So Long!”, and the lowest-selling Sousenkyo single since Heavy Rotation, putting the Week One Million streak in question.

This article attributes it to the tightening of security measures during handshake events - not at all an unreasonable link to draw, given that the Iwate Incident is still fresh in everyones’ minds, the aftermath still being felt three months on. Other factors one can think of could also include Yuko’s departure (“Kokoro no Placard” is the first single that is completely independent of Yuko’s presence), fallout sentiments from Dai Sokaku Matsuri, and the industry-wide market contraction that seems to herald a downward trend for the Idol movement as a whole. A significantly more muted marketing campaign as compared to “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” also played a part here - where we had an entire exhibition/park attraction devoted to it last year and active promotion via 48G-based TV and web shows (Remember Eizo Center?), this year held only the standard TV appearances and mass-media advertising (The Baitoru! sponsorship is taking center stage right now).

It remains to be seen if this is the start of a period of cooldown for AKB48 and entry into a Dark Age of sorts, or just another temporary stumbling block as 48G seeks to recover from a series of unfortunate events.

One thing is for sure, though - Watanabe’s critics and detractors will not let her forget this come next Sousenkyo.

“I’m constantly torn between this overwhelming desire to know more about myself and the desire to erase everything I think I am.”

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Awww Wakasama is sleeping ♥︎



Oh my god, the lips, they’re touching.


Watanabe Mayu - Nagoya Handshake Event



Fan: I saw Sasshi’s (photo)
Mayu: You saw it?
Fan: Where was it? here?
Mayu: Yup, here
Fan: The actual spot was here?
Mayu: Yup, exactly right here
Fan: What did it taste like?
Mayu: It was sweet, banana!
Fan: Do you want to eat Nako?
Mayu: Yes - no, actually I already did eat her! She was yummy


Leave Nako’s banana-lips alone!


One of the best questions in shoujiki shougi.  ( ̄ー ̄)

JKT48 @ JAM EXPO 2014. Yokohama Arena. 140831.

Part II / Part III

Melody Nurramdhani Laksani . Nakagawa Haruka . Jessica Veranda . Shania Junianatha . Beby Chaesara Anadila . Nabilah Ratna Ayu . Devi Kinal Putri . Rezky Wiranti Dhike . Thalia Ivanka . Jessica Vania . Ratu Vienny Fitrilya . Cindy Yuvia . Thalia . Shinta Naomi . Chikano Rina . Riskha Fairunissa

Strawberry Stage Setlist

M00. Overture

M01. Flying Get


M03. Heavy Rotation (Japanese version)

M04. Ponytail to Shushu

M05. Gingham Check

M06. Manatsu no Sounds Good

M07. Koisuru Fortune Cookie

M08. Kokoro no Placard

source (cherryblossom48)